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No Wrong Door

project start date: April 12, 2013

Women and men who have concurrent mental health, substance abuse and trauma/abuse issues in their lives have complex needs that often make it difficult for them to find the help they need. The No Wrong Door project began in 2007 as a research and community development process in Grey Bruce with the goal of improving local service delivery for women through coordination and training. A final report with specific areas for change was widely distributed in the region, and has had a significant impact on service coordination. In 2014 the No Wrong Door study was repeated and expanded throughout the southwest region of Ontario with the goal of improving service collaboration.


Seven communities participated in the study and 115 women and men attended focus groups and brought their expertise forward. 132 service users from mental health, addictions and abuse/trauma organizations completed a survey to identify training and coordination needs. In each community there was a community workshop attended by both focus group participants and service providers where they developed strategies to improve service delivery and coordination. The project ended with a regional workshop to develop regional strategies. A final report will be available on this site. For a copy of the report or more information contact

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Women and men who have concurrent mental health, substance abuse and trauma/abuse issues in their lives have complex needs that often make…

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We are leading the way to a safer community.

Our shared vision is an inclusive community where all people live their lives free from all forms of violence and oppression, and have equal access to the best of what the community has to offer.

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