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STOP Sexual Violence Survey

project start date: December 5, 2017

Violence Prevention Grey Bruce is conducting Grey Bruce’s first Survey on Sexual Violence Prevention. The survey will be open from December 5, 2017 until February 23, 2018.

Who should participate in this survey?
We invite everyone in our community to participate in the STOP Sexual Violence Survey. Please complete the survey if you are a concerned community member, a service provider or volunteer, a person who uses and/or needs services because of sexual violence and harassment, or a friend or family member of someone at risk or dealing with sexual violence and harassment.
Please pass the survey link: to anyone you think would like to participate!

What happens with the information?
The information that we gather with this survey is confidential and your participation is voluntary. We will use the survey data and information from provincial and national reports, social media outreach, and local statistics to create a ‘Report Card on Sexual Violence Prevention’. It will give us new information and help us develop prevention strategies to address a difficult but common issue that many people find hard to bring Into the Open. Together we can learn how to prevent sexual violence and increase safety for everyone in Grey Bruce.

How can we ensure that people participate and that we get a broad and representative response?
The success of this survey depends on your support, participation and help. You can help when you:
1. Complete the survey yourself at
2. Engage your organization – send the information and link to all staff, volunteers, and make it available to people using your services.
3. Print hard copies of the survey and make them available for clients or community members who may not be able to complete it online. A PDF of the survey is attached.
4. Offer access to an agency computer for clients and volunteers where possible so they can complete the survey on line at:
5. Collect completed hard copies of the survey (be sure that they are kept confidential) and I will pick them up at the end of the data collection phase.
6. Spread the word about the survey and forward this information to other agencies, organizations and groups that we need to hear from .

What is STOP SV?
There is strong evidence, based on evaluations and research, that specific strategies can prevent sexual violence in communities like ours. This survey looks at five evidence based strategies that prevent sexual violence, to see how well these strategies are working in our region.
The STOP SV strategies are:
S – Social Norms that protect against sexual violence
T – Teach Skills to prevent sexual violence
O – Opportunities that empower and support girls and women
P – Protective Environments that reduce the risk of sexual violence
S/V- Support Victims and Survivors to lessen the harm of sexual violence

You can learn more about the STOP SV Technical Package at…/…/sv-prevention-technical-package.pdf

Thank You for being part of this ground breaking work to prevent sexual violence in our community!!

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