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Learn about human labour trafficking with FCJ

Grey Bruce, is a rural agricultural region that see’s an influx of migrant workers each year. This population of workers fills an important role within our community, bringing alongside them diversity and culture that enriches our community at large. Our agencies can help to support their safety, human rights and dignity.

Wednesday April 3rd from 11:30am-1:00pm at Public Health in Owen Sound, VPGB will be hosting Jaitra Sathyandran a Migrant Case Worker with FCJ Refuge Centre in Toronto for a presentation on labour trafficking.

FCJ Refugee Centre, is a non-profit, grassroots organization. They have been a place of support for uprooted people for more than 25 years. With an open-door approach, their organization offers an integrated model of refugee protection, settlement services and education. They also collaborate with organizations to deliver popular education about the protection of human rights and dignity of up-rooted people.

One of the key programs at their Centre is their Anti-Human Trafficking Program, and within this program, they have a Migrant Workers Mobile Program, where they work with migrant workers in precarious labour and/or immigration situations.

They are looking to reach out to organizations within our community, and work in raising awareness on trafficking, both sex and labour trafficking. They’re seeing an increased need in supporting workers in situations of trafficking and are noticing that a lot of migrant workers, who are often vulnerable to exploitation and abuse and whom end up falling in these precarious labour and immigration situations, are living in areas outside of Toronto and the GTA.

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