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Be Our Ally: Theatre Against Homophobia

Violence Prevention Grey Bruce is proud to support local arts organization Sheatre by hosting the final performance of Be Our Ally on its 2017 tour. The play “Be Our Ally” (BOA) teaches youth about homophobic bullying, how homophobia hurts us all, and how we can all take action to prevent victimization and create a social willingness to change. BOA gives new words and voices to LGBTQ youth, and energizes others to be allies.  It is shameful that we live in a society where people who are seen to love “differently” are targets of hate crimes and discrimination. We believe that we must begin to reshape the words and values that create victims of hate crimes in the LGTBQ community.


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Our shared vision is an inclusive community where all people live their lives free from all forms of violence and oppression, and have equal access to the best of what the community has to offer.

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